Associate Professor, Lecturer, or Assistant Professor in Pharmacotherapy
Hiroshima University, Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences


Hiroshima University (HU) herewith makes an open international job offer and seeks to appoint
Associate Professor with tenure; Associate Professor/Lecturer/Assistant Professor on Tenure
Track System in the research area of Biomedical and Health Sciences. This position is based on
the ‘Policy for recruiting/cultivating excellent faculty members’. The university introduced this
policy to create a secure environment in which junior-positioned faculty members can
concentrate on their research/education.

The post above has been newly created at HU to enable the promotion of the applicant to the
senior position of either Associate Professor or Lecturer on the condition that he/she passes the
tenure-track review before the tenure-track period expires. Such a system assumes that the
recruited person will settle down in one place so that he/she can dedicate himself/herself to
research and education in accordance with his/her proposed research.

Therefore, when processing an application for recruitment, we evaluate not only each
applicant’s performance on research/education, but also the contents and the scope of his/her
research plan. Thus, we assess whether or not the applicant’s research plan is mid-to-long
term (i.e. about 10 years) in scope, exceeding the tenure-track period. At the time of the
review for the tenured promotion, we comprehensively evaluate the applicant’s achievements
during his/her term at HU and the future prospect of his/her research.

By providing startup support money and assigning a mentor to each newly-recruited faculty
member on tenure track, HU continues to develop an environment where such faculty
members can engage himself/herself in research activities independently. In case the recruited
member does not secure tenure, he/she will be able to extend his/her term of employment for
up to one year as a specially appointed faculty member. The special appointment starts on the
day following the end date of the existing employment contract for the tenure-track position.
We are looking forward to welcoming those who are prepared to go along with the principles,
long-term vision and medium-term target of HU (,
and who are motivated and can play key roles by committing themselves to research and
education at HU.

Mitsuo Ochi, President of Hiroshima University

Announcement of Faculty Position
Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences, Hiroshima University, Japan

August 1, 2019

Hiroshima University has been selected as one of the 13 Type A (top type) universities
under the fiscal 2014 program to support the creation of super global universities. Hiroshima
University aims to become one of the global top 100 universities by continuously producing
global talents and creating knowledge while promoting university reforms centering on the
twin pillars of educational and research capabilities.

Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences, Hiroshima University invites
applications for one (1) position of Associate Professor, Lecturer, or Assistant Professor.
In education, we are seeking candidates who have a wide range of academic background in
Pharmaceutical Core Curriculum and its cutting-edge trend, and be able to teach Biological

In research, we are seeking candidates who can take a core role in the Drug Discovery &
Biomarker Center to make the Innovative Drug Discovery & Development Project, and can
positively collaborate with other domestic fields and overseas researchers to disseminate
research results internationally.

1. Affiliation (Appointment):
Academy of Hiroshima University (Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences)

2. Position and the Number of Opening:
Associate Professor, Lecturer, or Assistant Professor, one (1)
(Depending on the result of the performance reviews of the applicant at the time of
employment, he/she may be decided on any of the following titles: Associate Professor
with tenure; Associate Professor/Lecturer/Assistant Professor on Tenure Track System)

3. Date of Appointment: April 1, 2020

4. Terms of employment: Tenure-track position(s)
Period of employment: 7 years (in case of Associate Professor, Lecturer)
5 years (in case of Assistant Professor)

Tenure-track faculty members will undergo a tenure review within six (6) months prior
to completion of the term of appointment, and those who have successfully passed the
review process will be granted tenure along with promotion either to associate professor
or a lecturer.

Granting a candidate for tenure is subject to two reviewing process: an intermediate
and final review. If a candidate is not granted tenure in final review, he/she will be
dismissed from the university upon completion of the term of appointment.
If a candidate has taken a leave because of some life events such as delivering a baby,
child-raising and caregiving, he/she may extend the term of appointment up to certain
period according to the length of such leave.

* If you would like to know more about the standards for tenure review, please contact
the office shown below for any enquiries.

5. Field of Specialization: Biological pharmacy

6. Teaching Responsibilities:
・Undergraduate level (general education courses): Introductory Seminar for First-Year
Students, etc.
・Undergraduate level (discipline specific courses): Drug Discovery Biochemistry, Target
Molecule Biochemistry, Experiments of Biological Chemistry, Special laboratory Works
in Pharmaceutical Sciences I・II, Clerkship in Clinical Pharmacy I・II・III, Clerkship in
Clinical Pharmacy A, Clerkship in Clinical Pharmacy A, etc.
・Graduate level (master’s programs): Advanced Drug Discovery Target Molecular Science,
Practice Exercises of Drug Discovery Target Molecular Science, Special Practice of Drug
Discovery Target Molecular Science, etc.
・Graduate level (doctoral programs): Special Exercise of Drug Discovery Target Molecular
Science, Special Experiment of Drug Discovery Target Molecular Science, etc.
* In addition to the courses listed above, he or she may be asked to teach other general
education courses and/or discipline specific courses in other departments and graduate

7. Application Requirements:
Applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements:
(1) Hold a doctorate or an equivalent degree by the time the appointment begins
(2) Be able to supervise doctoral students in preparation of doctoral dissertations
(3) Have experience in supervising graduate students in a master’s and/or doctoral program(s)
in preparation of thesis/dissertation
(4) Be able to teach classes and supervise students in English
* It is desirable to hold the Japanese pharmacist license

8. Application Documents:
(1) Recommendation letter (Self-recommendation is allowed.) (Free format)
(2) Curriculum Vitae (Form 1)
(3) List of Achievements (Form 2)
(4) Summary of 5 Major Publications (Free format)
Write a summary of the above 5 major publications in either Japanese (approximately
400 characters), or English (approximately 200 words).
(5) Aspirations for Pharmaceutical Education and Research (Free format)
Write your aspirations for pharmaceutical education, research and how to contribute
for pharmaceutical science in either Japanese (approximately 2000 characters), or
English (approximately 1000 words).
(6) Reprints or photocopies of 5 major publications
* All of the above documents must be written in English or Japanese. The application form
is available on the following web site.

9. Application Deadline:
All application documents must reach us by 5 p.m. on August 30, 2019 (Japan Time).


10. Address to Which to Send Application Documents:
All application documents should be sent by registered mail to:
Personnel Affairs, General Affairs Group, Kasumi Campus Management Support Office,
Hiroshima University
1-2-3, Kasumi, Minami-ku, Hiroshima 734-8553, JAPAN
* Write in red “Application (Pharmacotherapy)” on the envelope.
* Please submit CD-R with “Form1, Form2” saved in Excel format.
* Submitted application documents, etc. will not be returned.

11. Selection Procedures:
(1) Selection will be made based on all application documents submitted.
(2) Interviews will be conducted as needed. As a general rule, we will conduct simulated
lessons in English. In such cases, please note that travel expenses will be the
responsibility of the applicant. Applicants who pass the initial document review will be
informed of interview date, time and format.
(3) Hiroshima University promotes a gender-equal society in accordance with the legislative
intent of the Basic Law for a Gender-Equal Society.

12. Employment status:
(1) If you are agreeable to the application of the Discretionary Labor System for Professional
Work, you are deemed to work for 7 hours and 45 minutes a day and 38 hours and 45
minutes a week. If not, working hours are from 8:30 to 17:00 (from Monday to Friday)
and break time is from 12:00 to 12:45.
(2) Workdays are from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) in principle.
(3) Holidays are Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in principle.

13. Salary, etc.
(1) The monthly salary system or annual salary system will be applied to successful
* Currently, we are considering a new annual salary system, and if the new system is
introduced at date of adoption, it will apply.
(2) Successful candidates may be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred for the trip from
their home or former place of work to the new place of work to assume their post in
accordance with the relevant regulations of Hiroshima University. For more information,
please contact us.

14. Evaluation:
We conduct individual performance evaluations for all Hiroshima University faculty
members after their employment, numerically rate their performance, and salary and
benefits are commensurate with performance indicators.

15. Employer: Hiroshima University

16. Additional Remarks:
(1) Probationary employment period: six (6) months
(2) Personal information obtained from application documents will not be used or provided
to any third party for purposes other than the necessary procedures related to personnel

affairs, salary, and welfare.
(3) All the faculty members of Hiroshima University belong to the "Academy", which is the
single university-wide faculty organization, and each faculty as a member of the
Academy of the University is appointed to educational and/or research organizations
such as an individual undergraduate school, graduate school, research center and
(4) For each specialized field of faculty, Hiroshima University has defined Minimum standards
for hiring new faculty (“the minimum standards”). We use the minimum standards for
the initial screening process of the applicants, and only those who have cleared the
minimum standards will qualify as the candidates for the post concerned. The minimum
standards used for this international job offer can be viewed by clicking the following URL
(5) HU provides employment information (research job, desk job and etc.).
If your spouse wishes to work for HU, please refer to the following URL link.
employment information:
(6) With the aim of achieving medium to long-term growth to join the top 100 world
university rankings list, Hiroshima University plans to recruit and develop excellent
researchers. Furthermore, in order to make the age structure of the faculty more
balanced, the University plans to implement a campus-wide initiative to provide a
diverse group of faculty members—especially young, female, and non-Japanese faculty
members—with more opportunities to play a leading role on campus, thereby
invigorating research and education activities at the University. With this in mind, the
University seeks applications from young researchers this time around.

17. Contact:
Professor Ozawa Koichiro
Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences, Hiroshima University
Tel: +81-82-257-5332
E-mail: ozawak[at] (please replace “[at]” with “@”)


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