PhD Position in Physical and Synthetic Biology
Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich Faculty of Biology

PhD position in “Physical and Synthetic Biology” at LMU Munich (Germany); start fall/winter 2020

Institution: Faculty of Biology
(Department of Biology I)

Date of occupation: 10/01/2020

Institution: Faculty of Biology
(Department of Biology I)

Date of occupation: 10/01/2020

Application deadline: June 30th, 2020

Time limit: 30.09.2023

There is always the possibility of part-time employment.

Die Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) ist eine der renommiertesten und größten Universitäten Deutschlands.


To complement our team "Physical and synthetic biology” at the Biocenter of LMU Munich, we are looking for a PhD student (m/f/d) with a strong background in biophysics or optical physics, experience in programming and a keen interest in biological questions. In the interdisciplinary project "Single-molecule studies of secondary-active transporters and their environmental dependence", which is part of the ETN Network NeuroTrans (, you will use single-molecule fluorescence techniques to study the conformational dynamics of secondary transporters, i.e., the GABA transporter GAT1 and that of structural homologues. Our group has recently started to use smFRET[1-2] for the characterization of conformational dynamics in membrane transporters[3-6]. In this project, we will determine conformational states and distributions of GAT1 and its structural homologues to understand how structure is related to transport. The entire functional cycle will be studied with different single-molecule approaches on timescales ranging from nanoseconds of seconds. The methods include fluorescence microscopy, single-molecule detection schemes via confocal and TIRF microscopy, and multi-parameter fluorescence spectroscopy. We expect to achieve a detailed description of all essential steps within the transport cycle for different biochemical conditions and lipid compositions. In the project you will collaborate with Christine Ziegler (U Regensburg Germany; project 1 of the ETN) to develop protocols for transporter purification and reconstitution and with Fraser MacMillan (UEA Norwich UK; project 12 of the ETN) to obtain complementary EPR measurements. A long-standing collaboration with NanoTemper Technologies (Munich Germany; project 8 of the ETN) will be continued for biochemical characterization of the protein preparations.


We offer a fully funded 3-year PhD position within the ETN NeuroTrans to start in fall/winter of 2020. The work will be based in the Cordes lab and the successful researcher will have the unique chance to become part of the ETN training network.

If you are interested to apply, please consult the specific instructions made on the ETN-Webpage:
The application procedure will be centralized and any communication should go via the ETN-office ( and not via the hosting lab.
[1] E. Lerner & T. Cordes et al., Science 359 (2018) eaan1133
[2] B. Hellenkamp et al., Nature Methods 22 (2018) 57-64
[3] G. Gouridis et al., Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 22 (2015) 57-64
[4] A. A. Jazi et al., Biochemistry 56 (2017) 2031-2041
[5] F.A. Husada et al., EMBO Journal 37 (2018) e10056
[6] M. de Boer et al., eLife 8 (2019) e44652

Ihr Arbeitsplatz befindet sich in zentraler Lage in München und ist sehr gut mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln zu erreichen. Wir bieten Ihnen eine interessante und verantwortungsvolle Tätigkeit mit guten Weiterbildungs- und Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten. Schwerbehinderte Personen werden bei ansonsten im Wesentlichen gleicher Eignung bevorzugt. Die Bewerbung von Frauen wird begrüßt.

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Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Prof. Dr. Thorben Cordes, Physical and Synthetic Biology
Faculty of Biology
Großhaderner Str. 2-4,
82152 Planegg-Martinsried


Prof. Dr. Thorben Cordes

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