PhD Position Methodological Development Biological MAS solid-state
Technische Universität München

The aim of the PhD thesis is to develop methods to improve the sensitivity and resolution of MAS biological solid-state NMR experiments. In particular, with the help of Optimal Control Theory, NMR pulse sequences are to be calculated which compensate for radial radio frequency inhomogeneities and modulations induced by the sample rotation. Furthermore, proton-detected experiments for the structure elucidation of amyloid aggregates will be developed.


1) Tošner Z, Purea A, Struppe JO, Wegner S, Engelke F, Glaser SJ, Reif B (2017) Radiofrequency fields in MAS solid state NMR probes. J. Magn. Reson. 284: 20-32. 

2) Xue K, Sarkar R, Motz C, Asami S, Decker V, Wegner S, Toner Z, Ripe B (2018) Magic Angle spinning frequencies beyond 300 kHz are useful to yield maximum sensitivity in selectively methyl protonated protein samples in solid state NMR. J. Phys. Chem. C 122: 16437-16442. 

3) Tošner Z, Sarkar R, Becker-Baldus J, Glaubitz C, Wegner S, Engelke F, Glaser SJ, Reif B (2018) Overcoming volume selectivity of dipolar recoil in biological solid-state NMR. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 57: 14514-14518. 

4) Xue K, Mühlbauer M, Mamone S, Sarkar R, Reif B (2019) Accurate Determination of 1H-15N Dipolar Couplings Using Inaccurate Settings of the Magic Angle in Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 58: 4286-4290. 

The Bavarian NMR Center is a joint institution of the Technical University of Munich and the Helmholtz Center Munich, and has excellent equipment for liquid and solid state NMR spectrometers with field strengths from 250 to 950 MHz. For molecular biological and biochemical work a well-equipped laboratory is available. In April 2017, the NMR working groups were merged into a new building. New offices and laboratories provide optimal working conditions.


A master's degree in physics, chemistry or biochemistry, and experience in NMR spectroscopy, high motivation and willingness to learn the entire process of protein structure determination by NMR are desirable. The position is now available for an initial 2 years and can be extended by mutual agreement for another 1-2 years. 

The Technical University of Munich wants to promote women in the context of statutory regulations, and therefore urges qualified women to apply. Handicapped applicants will be preferred if equally qualified.


Please send your application (curriculum vitae, copies of the certificates) by email to: 

Prof. Dr. med. Bernd Reif 
Technical University of Munich 
Department of Chemistry, Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy 
Lichtenbergstr. 4, 85747 Garching Phone 
: +49 89 289 52615 

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